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Using GeoData to Evaluate Commercial Real Estate Properties

GeoData Plus is a real estate data source for the states of New York and New Jersey.  Started in 2000, GeoData now services thousands of residential and commercial real estate companies including appraisers, brokers, lenders and investors. In this video, Erik Wind demonstrates a commercial Read More

Looking for Sales Comparables in New York and New Jersey?

Sales comparables are some of the most important pieces of data needed when entering into a real estate transaction. While there are some local government web sites and private data sources out there that might help you find them if you’re willing to do a lot of legwork, where can you Read More

Looking for Your Next (or your first) Foreclosure Deal?

Whether you’re new to real estate or a battle-hardened professional, you likely know that there’s an opportunity to make money working with distressed properties. If you have the skills and/or nerve to take on these kind of properties, you may be able to turn a profit in this sector as an Read More

Looking for Suffolk County Real Estate Data?

As many of us know, finding information about a property in Suffolk County can often be very challenging.  There are ten townships that you often need to work with in order to get basic information such as square footage or a building sketch.  Finding comps, foreclosures or other transactions Read More