New York State

GeoData Direct is now available in ALL of New York State

GeoData Direct is now available in ALL of the following counties in New York State
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GeoData Direct now works in any Web Browser

GeoData Direct now works in any web browser!
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Nassau County Zoning Map - Manorhave

GeoData Plus Creates Nassau County’s First Countywide Zoning Map

GeoData Plus went through a pain-staking process of collecting zoning maps from every municipality, and combining them into one map
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foreclosure sold 160x140

GeoData Direct Identifies Potential Foreclosure Sales

GeoData Direct now highlights potential foreclosure sales in green
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NYC Flood Zones

Updated Flood Zones in New York City on GeoData Direct

FEMA has released new flood zones for New York City which have just been added to GeoData Direct
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cooppic 160x140

GeoData Direct Adds Number of Shares to Co-op Sales in New York City

This valuable information is available in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Manhattan
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pic_search 160x140

GeoData Direct Adds Additional Search Fields

GeoData Direct now allows you to search for lis pendens by zip code
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Search 160x140

GeoData Direct Adds Map and Phone Links to NYC Property Reports

GeoData's New York City property reports now link directly to maps on both NYC.Gov and NYC Oasis
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zoning-map 160x140

GeoData Direct adds zoning details and floor area ratio for New York City

GeoData Direct now provides the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) of every property in New York City
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lien 160x140

GeoData Direct has all Liens and Lis Pendens for New York City

GeoData Direct has all liens on any property in New York City. Our extensive database gives clients access to over twenty years of NYC property liens
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