CrowdPrice launches on GeoData Direct

This article was written by Patrick Hunt, co-founder of CrowdPrice, our newest feature. I met Patrick at the Inman Real Estate Connect conference this past January and am pleased that we were able to form this partnership, especially seeing how the spirit of the conference is all about connection. Please check it out and let us know what you think! – Erik Wind We are thrilled to be launching CrowdPrice excl
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Updated Nassau County Property Report

As many of you know, GeoData Direct recently enhanced both its Suffolk County Property Report and New York City Property Report.  It should come as little surprise that Nassau County was next. The first round of changes for Nassau County have been mostly cosmetic, matching the same sleek, simple design used for Suffolk and NYC. Like the others, of course, it’s also responsive so that the report looks reall
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Brookhaven Square Footage and Other New Features in our Updated Suffolk County Property Report

We’ve got some big news for those of you who use GeoData Direct for your work in Suffolk County. After we released an enhanced property report for New York City in March, we had a lot of clients asking us when Suffolk County would get its own souped-up property report. The answer is: now. Our new Suffolk County report is live and we think you’ll find that it contains a lot of very useful information. New to t
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Arms length, flips and foreclosures: Using Comparables to Determine Property Values Part 2

Last month we told you a little bit about how real estate professionals use comparable properties (or “comps”) to help determine the value of a property. We talked about what factors should be considered when looking for suitable comps (location, size, style, and date of sale), but we didn’t delve into how the circumstances of a sale can affect the suitability of a comparable property. Today, we’ve got so
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Tax Maps For Suffolk County Now on GeoData Direct

If you have access to Suffolk County and use our maps, you may have noticed the inclusion of an option to view tax maps. If you’ve been curious enough to click on it, you’ll see that the option wasn’t put there in error — yes, for the first time, we now have Suffolk County tax maps. If you’re not familiar with them, a tax map (or parcel map) is a special map that shows the boundaries of all parcels,
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Appraisers: How do you handle a borrower’s rebuttal?

Read reprinted article here (article originally from Wall Street Journal)
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Be sure to “Like” and “Follow” GeoData Plus

Be sure to find out about all of the updates that are coming to GeoData. Check our blog when you can.  Or, you access us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. To all of our loyal customers, thank you for business as we continue to improve GeoData Direct.
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Robert Whiddon named Operations Manager

I'm happy to share that Rob is now operations manager at GeoData.
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Emily Stock joins GeoData Plus

GeoData welcomes its newest member of the team, Emily Stock.
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Erik Wind

GeoData Plus Names Erik Wind President

the next six months to a year should be really exciting for our customers.
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