Substantial Updates Made to Upstate New York

For those of you who have GeoData for New York City and Long Island may have asked at some point about Westchester, Rockland, or other counties.  Up until now, the information in those areas has been limited.  That’s changed dramatically. With our latest version of GeoData, we now have very detailed property data in upstate New York.  To be clear, we’re calling upstate anything outside of Long Isla
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More trouble with ACRIS for Chrome Users

Earlier in the year, I posted an article about not being able to view documents in ACRIS while using Google Chrome.  This was due to a browser update that disabled certain plugins like Java.  GeoData users who were directed to the ACRIS website to view a recorded document, saw a blank page instead of the document they were trying to view. At the time, there was a workaround in Chrome’s settings to manually en
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GeoData Welcomes Jonathan Veit

Jonathan Veit comes to us from the direct sales department of Cablevision and is our Account Manager. Jonathan has a great understanding of GeoData and how it positively impacts our customers. He is focused on providing superb customer service and attention to the client experience. Our clients that have spoken to Jonathan on the phone recognize him to order Strattera online. His patience, honesty and his natura
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Need Help Finding Comparables?

Since 2002, customers of GeoData have taught us how they use GeoData in order to get their sales comparables, and how GeoData can be improved to make the process of finding comps easier. In this video, we share what we’ve learned from them. Hopefully this will help you make better property valuation decisions.
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Introducing GeoData’s New Look

We wanted to make you aware of some cosmetic changes that we’ve rolled out, a summer makeover if you will. When you log into GeoData Plus, it is going to look quite different but rest assured, we have kept the same great functionality that you rely on.  We put together some slides to show you what to expect. It is our hope that you will find GeoData Plus a lot easier to use than before, especially when usi
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Wells Fargo Offers Re-Boot Camp at Valuation Expo 2015

We want to share with you some exciting news regarding the upcoming Valuation Expo. We heard that Wells Fargo is offering a Re-Boot Camp on Monday, June 29th, for new and seasoned appraisers. After an interesting conversation with one of our friends at Wells Fargo, we gleaned some key points we know will interest you. Included to appraisers who have purchased a full conference pass, Wells Fargo is offering six se
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Erik Wind and Phil Tesoriero in the pilot episode of Hands on the Market.

The State of the Short Sale Market with Phil Tesoriero

In this pilot program for Hands on the Market on the Mortage News Network, Erik Wind discusses trends and recent news stories pertaining to short sales and foreclosures with Short Sale Specialist, Phil Tesoriero.
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Why Appraisers Use GeoData

Why Should Appraisers Use GeoData?

  For 15 years, GeoData Plus has played a significant role as a property data provider in New York State, and now New Jersey.  In this interview with Mortgage News Network, Erik Wind explains why so many appraisers consider GeoData to be such an important part of their business.
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Having Trouble with ACRIS?

If Google Chrome is your primary Internet browser, you may have noticed that while accessing the ACRIS website through GeoData Direct, you are unable to view documents.  Instead of the document, you see a blank page with a message similar to “This plugin is not supported”.  This is due to a recent update to Google Chrome.  As of Chrome’s version 42, which was released April 2015, it automatically disable
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Robert Murphy, Director of Property Valuation and Eligibility at Fannie Mae.

How will Collateral Underwriter affect Appraisers?

In early 2014, Fannie Mae made its Collateral Underwriter software available to lending institutions and appraisal management companies as a way to critique UAD appraisals. Since then, there has been some confusion and a lot of discussion over how this will affect appraisers and appraisal management companies. We are pleased to be sponsoring a continuing education seminar, hosted by the Long Island Appraisal Ins
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