From Near Zero to Data Hero – The Evolution of Property Data in Suffolk County

Real estate professionals know that having property data and being able to utilize it to its best possible use gives them a competitive edge.  Today, we released a new build of GeoData that was aimed at giving our Suffolk County users the best possible experience. A Bit of Suffolk County History For over 17 years, GeoData Plus has been working with the goal of making property data easier to access, analyze …
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4 Great Real Estate Events

June 9th, 2016 28th Annual LIBOR Education Conference and Trade Show This event packs a lot of education, entertainment and inspiration into one great day. With over 60 exhibitors bringing you the latest in industry-related products, keynote speaker Tom Ferry and a Realtor Magic Networking Luncheon with Magician Ken Falaz, this event has something for everyone. GeoData Plus is sponsoring and exhibiting. WHERE Crest Hollow Country Club 8325 Jericho Turnpike Woodbury, …
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Google Stops Supporting Chrome for Older Operating Systems

As of April 2016, Google has ended its support for any computer running the following operating systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS 10.6, 10.7, and 10.8. Computers that are running any of these operating systems will no longer receive updates for its Internet browser, Google Chrome. If your computer is currently running any of the operating systems mentioned above, and you are experiencing issues with Google Chrome, we recommend …
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comparable search polygon

Comparable Searching Just Got More Awesome

Over the years, GeoData has become known for more than just a source of good sales comparables.  We’ve added prospecting tools such as lis pendens searching, as well as access to property data you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else.  However, we never forget that GeoData is used by thousands of people for the purpose of finding accurate comparables.  For those thousands, this is for you. Our comparable sales search …
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How Loud is your Market?

Property values are affected by how quiet or loud a neighborhood is. Vehicle traffic, air traffic and noise from nearby businesses can substantially impact the desirability of both commercial and residential properties. At GeoData, we are always on the hunt for relevant data to include on our property reports. Most recently we teamed up with HowLoud Inc., a Los Angeles based company that has mapped the entire country determining the noise levels …
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Hands on the Market: 3 Steps to a Killer Listing Presentation

Erik Wind asks Vincent Koo to reveal his secrets to creating a killer listing presentation. Stating that he is an open book, Vincent gave three steps that he believes give him the advantage when making a presentation to a potential client. Watch the discussion to find out more:
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Hands on the Market: Evaluating Properties Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy swept up the Eastern Coast of the United States in late October of 2012 inflicting billions of dollars worth of property damage. In this Hands on the Market segment, Erik Wind sat down with Tom Lauritano of LAS Appraisals, and talked about the impact that Hurricane Sandy has had on property values.
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Quick Guide: Finding Good Sales Comparables

Thousands of real estate professionals use GeoData to find sales comparables in New York and New Jersey. With that in mind, we often focus on blog posts that deal with the ins and outs of finding good sales comparables and what constitutes a good comp. For your ease of use, we thought it would be helpful to put all of this information in one place as a quick and easy reference guide. The Basics – …
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4 Ways to Stay Productive During the Holidays

Once Thanksgiving comes, many of us often find our real estate businesses slowing down as potential buyers, sellers, and borrowers all tend to start focusing on the joys (or the stress) of the holidays. On this episode of Hands on the Market, we explore different ways in which some of our customers capitalize on this slow period. We hope you find inspiration from these ideas. Comment on this post to share …
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Islip Building Attributes Now Available

For those of you who do business in Suffolk County, you know how it’s traditionally been very difficult to get good property data such as square footage, year built and zoning, without having to travel to local assessor offices.  Times seem to be changing. Over the past year, we’ve released some substantial improvements to Suffolk County in both Babylon and Brookhaven.  We’ve just obtained and published similar information for the …
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