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From Near Zero to Data Hero – The Evolution of Property Data in Suffolk County

Real estate professionals know that having property data and being able to utilize it to its best possible use gives them a competitive edge.  Today, we released a new build of GeoData that was aimed at giving our Suffolk County users the best possible experience. A Bit of Suffolk County Read More

Tap into the Full Potential of Property Data – Video Tutorials Added

At GeoData Plus, we do our absolute best to educate all of our clients on how to use our service.  We start by making sure all of our new clients participate in a training usually done through a screen sharing session. The session isn’t pre-recorded or with a group of other new Read More

New York Foreclosure Activity Drops in 2016

A recent HousingWire article cites multiple foreclosure data reports with a summary of “Rate of foreclosures fell 30%”. That’s quite a number. So we got curious about how New York compared to that data.  Some caveats first: The Black Knight report cited in HousingWire Read More

Prospecting is Now a Little Easier

While GeoData is well known as a source for all kinds of property data used for valuation and research, it’s also useful as a prospecting tool. Our latest feature just made prospecting a little easier. Some time ago, we added telephone numbers to our property reports.  That was great, but Read More

Islip Building Attributes Now Available

For those of you who do business in Suffolk County, you know how it’s traditionally been very difficult to get good property data such as square footage, year built and zoning, without having to travel to local assessor offices.  Times seem to be changing. Over the past year, we’ve Read More