Monthly Archives: July 2014

New York State Building Energy Codes Now Available

GeoData members accessing Nassau and Suffolk County will soon notice that we updated our information to reflect the Building Energy Codes Program (2009 IECC) adopted by New York State in 2010 and the Energy Codes adopted by the various municipalities on Long Island.  For those who may not be Read More

Arms-length, flips and foreclosures: Using Comparables to Determine Property Values Part 2

Last month we told you a little bit about how real estate professionals use comparable properties (or “comps”) to help determine the value of a property. We talked about what factors should be considered when looking for suitable comps (location, size, style, and date of sale), but we Read More

Tax Maps For Suffolk County Now on GeoData Direct

If you have access to Suffolk County and use our maps, you may have noticed the inclusion of an option to view tax maps. If you’ve been curious enough to click on it, you’ll see that the option wasn’t put there in error — yes, for the first time, we now have Suffolk County tax maps. Read More

Networking With Top Appraisal Professionals at Valuation Expo 2014

It’s never easy to put your day-to-day work on hold and inconvenience yourself by traveling across the country to attend an industry conference. We all have busy lives both professionally and personally, and we can easily conclude that we can’t be bothered to stop what we’re doing Read More